River Rock Perfect Circle 30 Hour LED Flashlight

River Rock Designs of Austin, Texas, has recently released the latest in their growing family of illumination products. This is their T-AL71AA “Perfect Circle” flashlight, a single AA powered unit with a $14.99 suggested retail price. It is made from T6061 aircraft aluminum. Actually, I have no idea if aircraft are made from T6061 these days, but riflescopes certainly are. It is an extremely good looking little light, hard anodized in drab olive green.

LED lights have all but obsoleted incandescent bulbs, for the days of dropping a flashlight only to have it fail are over. This little light has a .5 mm Nichia LED that throws out 10 lumens for 30 hours, 60 hours in the strobe mode. Brightness versus runtime is always a trade-off. This economical little light strikes me as a map light, pocket flashlight, or a back-up light. If you're looking for more output, River Rock has a 2AA / 60 lumens / 8 hour unit, a 1AA 100 lumen 1.5 hour unit, and a 2C 136 lumen 60 hour runtime unit to cite a few examples.

As far as I can tell, all Rock River lights have a lifetime warranty and in the case of this light, the LED itself is rated to 100,000 hours of continuous use, so it won't need replacing. You can view the rest of the line at http://www.riverrockledlights.com . If this little single AA light is representative, it is all very good-looking, well-made, and well-packaged product.

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Copyright 2011 by Randy Wakeman. All Rights Reserved.

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