“Right Now Range” Portable Shooting Gallery


A lady by the name of Neely Burks from Nashville has come up with an easy to set up, easy to use, easy to reuse portable shooting gallery called the “Right Now Range.” Aside from a goodly population of various targets well-printed in color, it has shelves for clay pigeons, you can hang tin cans and so forth, and shoot all afternoon with a minimum of target resetting.

It is made from cardboard, ships flat, and is easy to initially assemble and then easier to reuse. It also comes complete with stakes to keep it stable in light wind. While it certainly isn't the type of target array to blast with skeet loads out of a shotgun, it is ideal for air rifles, rimfires, and .223.

As to how long it lasts, that's up to you. You can plink away at clay pigeons, tin cans, or whatever else you want to use as reactive and shattering targets with little effect to the range itself. You still have nine different bullseye targets to shoot at that will keep you going for a good long while, and naturally you can refresh all of those targets as you wish by applying Shoot-N-C or other self-adhesive targets to start all over again with a fresh target set-up.

Neely has a good idea, the “Right Now Range” is something that you can quickly set up and have fun with the whole family all afternoon for training, practice, and just plain fun. A few handfuls of clay pigeons, some empty soda cans, and a couple of .22's and you can have a lot of variety in your shooting without spending a lot of cash and with a minimum of target re-setting, which means more time shooting. It is a well-designed set-up and the particular appeal is for pellet guns, rimfire rifles, and rimfire handguns. For more info, see: .

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