Transporting Premeasured Powder Charges for your Savage 10ML-II


A common question that comes up is "what is the easiest way to carry premeasured powder charges for your 10ML-II to the range, or in the field?"

I use the Polypropylene tubes from Lake Charles Manufacturing, found at http://www.testtubesonline.com/12x75mm_PolyPro_Plastic_Tubes_p/207-0025w.htm .

The main site is http://www.testtubesonline.com . These 12mm x 75mm tubes have a capacity of 5ml; ideal for typical Savage 10ML-II recommended smokeless loads. They are tough, they don't scratch easily, and they don't react with any propellant I've ever used in them.

As of this writing, they sell for $9.99 for a pack of 250 in clear: the colored tubes are $10.67 / 250 pcs. I use the "12mm Hollow Top Caps (Multi-Color) for Plastic Test Tubes" in white to go with them; they are $20 per 1000 pcs. They fit snug, they are easy to remove, and are weatherproof for all reasonable purposes, though I've never gone swimming with them.

The tubes themselves come in a variety of colors, so you can be as stylish as you want. I use the clear and the green ("Aquamarine") myself. So, for about $40 you have a lifetime supply of 500 tubes and 1000 caps. Split them with a friend or two and you are good to go for a long, long time.

Everyone likely has their own routine; I weigh my changes and bottle and cap them, putting them into a clear Zip-Loc freezer bag with the specific load written right on the bag with a permanent black magic marker so load identification is obvious. It stays in my range bag, out of direct sunlight, so anytime I need to go to the range there are a couple of hundred pre-weighed charges ready to go.

Alternatively, there are several tackleboxes and plastic shotshell boxes that will hold your charges in a bit more elegant fashion, if that's the route you'd like to go.

When hunting, in addition to the primary charge for the Savage, I carry three extra charges and sabots in my shirt pocket. I use a touch of Elmer's glue to attach 209 primers "flange-side" to the bottle caps. So, for a quick reload, it is pop the cap, dump the powder, seat your sabot-- and the primer is already in your hand at the ready, easily freed from the cap with a little thumb pressure.



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