New: Parker 300 Grain Match Hunter

Bob Parker of Parker Productions set out to develop the best flying muzzleloading hunting bullet ever offered to the consumer: the 325 grain Match Hunter. Building on that success comes the 300 grain version.

What's best? Let's try to compare. Exterior ballistics for the 300 grain @ 2300 fps, calculated, are as follows:

For the 325 Parker Match Hunter @ 2150 fps, again calculated, it looks like this:

Note that the 300 grain version has less wind drift and more retained velocity at 300 yards. What about recoil? Let's take a peek:

As a practical matter, the loads are essentially the same in the free recoil department, with the 325 grain bullet ever-so-slightly a harsher load despite its 150 fps MV. There are several advantages to the 300 grain version: in the case of the Savage 10ML-II, you can use your favorite well-established 300 grain saboted projectile book loads with no further development.

Using the short, black MMP sabots, the new 300 grain bullet is .451 diameter, and a tighter fit as a generalization promotes tighter groups and more reliabile ignition. Lighter bullets, again as a generalization, tend to be easier to stabilize at moderate velocities-- so, a really soft shooting 1900 - 2000 fps load is more likely to give you pinpoint accuracy than with the heavier, longer bullet.

The aggressive spire point of both of these extreme high-performance bullets means that you use the same Spinjag loader designed for these bullets also available directly from Bob Parker, the "SpinJag .45 Cal BX 325." These hand-made, ultra low drag muzzleloading bullets are the most aerodynamically exciting, wind resistance defying projectiles ever offered. Actual dual chrono real-world results will be added as soon as I'm able to get things done properly for you. In the meantime, get them while you can from Parker Productions at . They have been complete sell-outs at recent sports shows in a matter of hours. It looks like Bob Parker has developed the extreme long-range bullet fifty caliber inline muzzleloading enthusiasts have long been waiting for.


Copyright 2011 by Randy Wakeman. All Rights Reserved.

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