New Record Book Muzzleloading Kodiak Brown Bear

It was just this May, 2012, and Duane Dunham of Waupaca, Wisconsin, headed to Kodiak Island, Alaska, in search of a record brown bear taken with a muzzleloader. Duane was loaded up with a Parker Productions .45 caliber 300 grain Match Hunter projectile dressed with a short, black MMP sabot. It was one of those last minute opportunities, a bit unexpected, but Duane decided not to let the chance pass him by.

Breathtaking scenery is an added bonus, of course, but the weather is variable, going from relatively mild and sunny to snowstorm from day to day. Duane got the chance to enjoy that as well. The video that follows tells the tale, as best as it can be told in fourteen minutes or so.


Duane's trophy is #2 all-time SCI taken with a muzzleloader, with a 28-1/2 in. skull. Using the Boone & Crockett method for NMLRA Longhunter records, it appears to be 28-3/16 in. which would be the #1 Longhunter Society record brown bear. Congratulations to Duane Dunham on the trophy of a lifetime, with a blazing fast, clean harvest from perfect shot placement. Monsters like Duane's animal, rightly considered dangerous game, don't automatically get stopped in their tracks nearly that quickly.


Copyright 2012 by Randy Wakeman. All Rights Reserved.

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