LHR Redemption Inline Muzzleloader, Part Two


Out in the field, the LHR Redemption is topped off by a Burris Signature Select 3-10 x 40mm scope, secured by Warne Maxima QR rings. The factory ramrod has been replaced with a Spinjag Loader tipped giRamrod.

The snow subsided enough to take the LHR Redemption out to the field, armed with a bag full of 84 grains by weight (120 grains of blackpowder measure volume) Blackhorn 209 charges that were pre-weighed, and an array of Parker Ballistic Extreme bullets with short black MMP sabots. A couple of preliminary shots were fired at twenty-five yards, coarse adjustments were made to the scope, then it was out to one hundred yards. Range conditions were just adequate, with a 10-15 mph breeze, but sufficient to get at least a preliminary idea of how the Redemption performed.

We started off using a bullet we really wanted to shoot well, the super-svelte super aerodynamic 300 grain Parker Match Hunter, but alas it produced nothing that I would consider a respectable group. Eight-four grains by weight (120 vol.) is the maximum allowable propellant charge allowed by Blackhorn 209, and all of the Parker MH shooting did teach us a few things. The Redemption manages recoil quite well, the action of the Redemption is extremely clean with no muck or gunk escaping onto the barrel or receiver, much less migrating to the scope. Ignition is instantaneous with Blackhorn 209.

Estimated LHR Redemption exterior ballistics are shown, assuming a standard atmosphere, a 2000 fps MV, with the Parker 275 Ballistic Extreme. As always, you'll need to shoot to confirm. Three inches high @ 100 yards equates to center of the body hold to about 192 yards with a six inch diameter kill zone.

Above are Blackhorn 209 laboratory velocities from a 24 inch fixtured test barrel. 56 grains by weight, 70 grains, and 84 grains. Blackpowder volumetric powder measures vary, but this appoximately equates to 80 grains volume, 100 grains, and 120 grains. The approximate conversion from "volumetric units" is .70. I.E., 100 grains volume X .70 = 70 grains actual weight. The sweet spot for velocity with accuracy has historically been 110 - 115 grains vol. or 77 - 80.5 grains weight. The preliminary range work was all done with maximum, 84 grain charges by weight. Next range set will be 80 grains by actual weight of Blackhorn 209.

Sliding the safety forward (“Cocking Slide”) cock the striker is far easier than we initially imagined; after a few shots it is intuitive. We used Federal 209A primers exclusively; removing the primers after the shot isn't particularly quick as you just pluck them out with your fingernails: there is no extractor.
The Parker 275 grain Ballistic Extremes shot right at 1-1/4 inch at 100 yards. With a little more experimentation and a little less shivering, we can tighten that up a bit. The 300 grain Ballistic Extremes seemed to shoot nearly as well, but we ran out of daylight before we could print groups with the 250 Ballistic Extreme. In the future, we will do some 200 and 250 yards shooting. All rifles are a little bit different and it just makes sense to make a final selection based on the longest shooting ranges anticipated.

There isn't much not to like about the new LHR Redemption. Cocking is quieter than any hammer gun, with noticeably faster locktime, the gun shoots extremely clean, the internal barrel threads and associated breechplug nonsense that has been a headache for inline muzzleloaders are now gone for good. You no longer have to be bothered with scope clearance issues for any exposed hammer, or fight the hammer with goofy swiveling attempts or garish hammer extensions so you can cock your gun. The “Armornite” Melonite QPQ internal and external barrel coating obsoletes stainless steel as a muzzleloader barrel material; there never was any good reason to carry shiny, reflective stuff into the hunting woods in the first place. The following four minute plus video offers a summary of the first shots with the Redemption.


LHR has scored a big win with their first offering in the Redemption. It is the most innovative muzzleloader introduced in over a decade and one that is blissfully hassle-free.

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