Hawke Optics New Slug Gun / Muzzleloading Scope

A very late, surprise release from Hawke Optics is their new 3-9 x 40 etched, illuminated reticle: the “Hawke Endurance 3-9x40 Slug Gun SR Reticle.” It is the identical scope already reviewed here, with the exception of the reticle: .

Reticle choices are largely personal preference. In this case, although the scope itself is a whole lot of scope for the money, the reticle is quite poor. The fundamental problem is that the three hold points, the illuminated 'chevron' type triangles, are far too far apart to be of any hunting value as far as I'm concerned. Even if you used a 1900 fps load, with a .18 G1 BC, with the scope on 9x, it is a mess even if zeroed at 100 yards.

The tip of the first chevron, at 9x, indicates the 100 yards. Yet, the second chevron subtends to 173 yards. The problem is, you are already unacceptably low at 150 yards (-4.39 inches) and a miserable -6.57 inches at 165 yards.

This reticle creates far more problems than it is worth, adding needless complication where there needs to be none. This stuff isn't that difficult. Take that very same load, 1900 fps / .18 BC @ 1900 fps, and sight it in 2.8 inches high at 100 yards. You're done for the vast majority of whitetail hunting applications, for that is a 166 yard “Point Blank Range” load. At 200 yards, you are about -9.69 inches, so you just hold on his back.

For these reasons, the std. Hawke Endurance 3-9x40 with the red dot illuminated reticle is a scope I can recommend. This version of it, with the “Slug Gun SR Reticle,” is a version that I cannot.

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