Champion WheelyBird Portable Clay Pigeon Thrower

This what Champion has to say about their WheelyBird electric trap:

Features & Benefits
Compact size–smaller than our EasyBird® Auto-Feed Trap with Trap Taxi®
Quick, 2-second cycle time for continuous action
Adjustable launch angle, up to 30-degrees of elevation
Lightweight for easy loading in and out of a vehicle
50-target capacity, removable magazine fits standard-sized clays
25-foot release pedal cord accommodates various shooting positions
More than 3,000 throws from a fully charged 12-volt deep cycle battery
40909 WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap

The WheelyBird comes with instructions and a DVD as well and has a street price of around three hundreds dollars, or even a bit less. It is easy to assemble, taking us only a half hour or so to put together and function test. I didn't find the DVD necessary, but its inclusion is a good idea nevertheless.
It was assembled with just the slack taken out of the main spring, and threw clays an average of laser-verified 52.5 yards tested right after initial assembly. It is in the general area of the “50 yard ATA target,” can be cranked up to the 60 yard American Skeet target, also throws in the “Down The Line” 45-50 meter range, but is not capable of the 70 – 75 meter Olympic Trap throws.


The 52.5 yard distance was straightline, ground to ground. The trap was initially used at its full 30 degree elevation throwing angle, so it was actually throwing a bit farther: the old hypotenuse of a triangle we don't take into consideration very often.

We didn't check the speed with radar, but it is capable of throwing in the general ballpark of a 50 mph bird. For the record, the NSSA rules are:
“1. Check high house-set at 46.0 to46.9 MPH. Stand on station 1 and aim gun at the top of the hoop. DO NOT TOUCH THE TRIGGER. Hold gun steady and throw a target through
DEAD-CENTER (+ or - 6 inches) of hoop. The top speed will be measured approx. _ way to the hoop.
Set spring tension within above speeds. A good machine with good targets will throw 4 consecutive targets through a 12" hoop under "NO WIND" conditions. The targets will strike level grounds 58-59 yards from high house. As shooting progresses the transmissions warm the oil and the targets fall at 61-62 yards.
2. Check low house-set at 48.0-48.9 MPH. Aim gun at the top of the hoop. Targets will fall as above.” This is a bit more precision than expected from an economical portable trap. Suffice it to say it throws good quality ATA / NSSA genre birds, but not 77 to 82 yard travel of Olympic Trap birds that are launched at 76 mph or so.

There is a simple limiter switch on the trap that needs to be adjusted in the even the trap throws more than one bird after initial assembly. That's what it did for us, throwing 6, 7, 8 birds prior to adjustment. It is essentially “set it and forget it,” and your Wheelybird may not need adjustment at all. It is mentioned here only because ours did, and it is certainly is no big deal to quickly adjust it for correct function.
It is fun, economical, easy to use, and with the wheels is very easy to move around and easy to store. As the possibilities of positioning are endless, you can practice crossers and incoming birds at various angles as you prefer and as your shooting area allows. You can also use a pair of them and set up your own station, and insert smaller birds (90mm Midi) into the standard-sized 108 – 110mm birds that drop out when launched, mixing it up for doubles or “surprise doubles” shooting as well.

It is hard not to appreciate the Wheelybird, for it works extremely well, just as advertised, is reasonably small, lightweight at just under fifty pounds, and is both easy and fun to use.

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