Caldwell “Matrix” Shooting Rest: A Versatile Bargain

By now, most folks are aware of the extensive line of shooting rests offered under the Caldwell label. The latest is the “Matrix,” an inexpensive shooting rest that currently sells for $45 to $50, available everywhere from Midway USA to Cabela's and It is lightweight, easy to set up, and stores in a very compact area.

The Matrix is a “do all” type of rest, suitable for lever actions, AR and extended magazine platforms, and also serves as a pistol rest. In the center of the rest is a lid that covers a handy storage compartment. The specifications show how lightweight it is at about five pounds.

Weight: Approx.5 pounds
Length: 21.75" to 26.25"
Width: 19"
Frame Material: Synthetic
Front Cradle Height: 7.5"to 10.5"

Everyone who has shot off of it has had the same general opinion. It works better than it should, it is lighter than they thought, and is a lot of shooting rest for the dollar. I wouldn't consider it a heavy-duty rest, nor anything that should be directly compared to Lead Sleds or the Fire Control rest that I use quite a bit. It's light, handy, and affordable. For lightweight guns, lower recoil guns, or as a take anywhere type of rest, it should gain a lot of favor-- particularly considering its attractive price tag.


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