The Burris Eliminator Laserscope “Maximized”

By now, most folks have heard of the industry-leading Burris Eliminator. The Burris Eliminator has now been expanded in use and versatility by the addition of the latest software that allows you to get the most out of many slug guns and muzzleloaders, while retaining all of its prior capabilities. Right now, about the only way to identify the new version is the silver oval on the side of the box that states, “Expanded Capability For All Muzzleloaders Centerfires, Slugs & Rimfires.”

The Burris Eliminator has been continually refined and advanced. It is covered by U.S. Patent 7,703,679, and one of the sketches included in the patent (Figure 9) explains the idea well as shown below.

The Eliminator is designed to displace and replace the combined bulk and clumsiness of binoculars, hand-held laser rangefinders into one integrated, faster, slimmer, more accurate unit. There are different ways to use a rangefinder, to be sure. In this case, you are ranging exactly what you are shooting. You wouldn't want to range much else, as when you point your Eliminator at something you are also pointing the muzzle of your rifle at it as well. The Eliminator specifications follow.

The Burris Eliminator has already been designed and refined to give as low of a profile mounting system as possible. In this latest version, you have a “50 yard zero” initial drop table in addition to the 100 yard a 200 yard tables integrated into the electronics of prior versions. What this does is offer unprecedented versatility.

For example, if your 20 gauge rifled slug gun fit into the Burris 50 yard ballistic table “015,” your Eliminator is usable to well past 300 yards. If your favorite Savage 10ML-II muzzleloader load fits into Burris 50 yard ballistic table “005,” the Burris Eliminator reticle is now usable to 450 yards or so. This would be, of course, under absolutely ideal conditions, and it is our responsibility to reduce range in concert with conditions that are less than ideal. We still have to practice to get comfortable and confident at these ranges; there is no substitute for our doing our own homework as always. "How far can I shoot?" is a common question, particularly where slug guns and muzzleloaders are concerned.

There is no one size fits all answer. At whatever range we can postively place a single shot with confidence is as good an answer as any. That is one thing under the relaxes conditions of bag and cradle at the range when paper is the target, but may well be quite a different (significantly shorter) range under field conditions when animal movement and windage play increasingly important roles.

The Burris Eliminator is a one of a kind product. It is, as you might imagine, built upon an excellent optic that I consider comparable to Burris Six-X level, a very high level of image quality and color fidelity. By virtue of being integral to the scope itself, the laser ranging system is far more stable and precise than possible with a wobbly, comparatively dim, low magnification hand-held unit. Though the actual operation by the shooter is quite simple, the underlying development and technology is anything but. The Eliminator's reticle is functional to 800 yards with some center-fire rounds; now we have dramatically increased usefulness for numerous rimfire, slug gun, and muzzeloading applications as well thanks to the addition of the third, fifty yard zero ballistic table mentioned a bit earlier.

The optics are covered by the Burris Forever warranty. The electronics are covered for three years, something I'd characterize as generous compared to most laser rangefinders that typically are out of warranty after one year. The Eliminator does everything it is advertised to do and is now more versatile than ever. It is a competent optic, ranging system, sighting system, and onboard exterior ballistics program all under one cover. For more info, see and their laserscope dedicated site, .

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