Bob Parker Ballistic Extreme Inline Muzzleloading Performance Pack

One of the most common questions, year after year, is “What is the Best Bullet for my Muzzleloader?” The only honest answer to that is that only your individual rifle knows for sure. If you want to know, you have to pull the trigger . . . and let your rifle tell you be virtue of group size. There is no other way, for no two barrels are truly identical, barrel inside diameters are not identical, and rifling depth is not identical or even perfectly consistent in the same barrel.

The “Boy Scout's Motto” is often overlooked, which a few weeks before a hunt leaves mass confusion, completely unnecessary pressure, and heightened risk of alien abduction. There is no need for the mayhem; March, April, and May are often the most enjoyable months of the year to get your rifle sorted out . . . and build the confidence you need that pays big dividends when hunting season arrives.

To make things easier, Bob Parker is offering his “Ballistic Extreme Performance Pack” that includes retail clamshell 12-packs of all three of his award-winning Whitetail bullets (250, 275, and 300 grain) complete with sabots for .50 caliber muzzleloaders. All are 99.9% pure lead with .015 in. jackets of C-120 copper / zinc alloy with polymer tips.

All are superb choices for deer where elk and moose use point towards the 275 and 300 grain versions. From groundhog to grizzly, they all have done the job assuming good shot placement. I used the 300 grain last fall for a satisfyingly quick drop on an Iowa buck at a laser-verfied 157 yards. Pure lead has a very high level of molecular cohesiveness, meaning that unlike the high-antimony lead core type of bullets there is not brittleness or fracturing, and 90% weigh retention is to be expected. I have no idea what the weight retention was when used on that Iowa buck, for there were two holes and Bob's bullet may still be flying for all I know. It went though that deer like butter.

The Parker Performance Pack is enough for 12 three-shot groups from your rifle; more than sufficient to determine the optimal projectile for your rifle. It is a one-time process; after you are done and have settled on your bullet, you can order bulk bullets as you wish if needed for more, perhaps extended range work . . . and it is time to go hunting. If you aren't already using a Spin-Jag, add one to your Performance Pack in the same shipment. For the Parker Performance Pack and other fun-filled freezer filling mysterious products, call Bob Parker at (208) 596-8430 who lives in his ultimate inner sanctum in Idaho. The Performance Pack of Parker Ultimate Carnage is yours for $43.95 plus $6.25 2-3 day shipping.

I can't tell you much about Idaho, except that where Bob is from, the elevation exceeds the population, you can generally sleep through the night unawakened by a siren, and on some days the wind is faster than your truck. Rumor has it, one of the most common gifts for Valentine's Day is snow tires. Bob is the Jedi-Master of all these things, but he offers some beautiful bullets as well.

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