A brief Blue Wildebeest Video




The brindled gnu, commonly referred to as the Blue Wildebeest, has a reputation for being a very tough African game animal. Here, an old Bull Blue is quickly taken out with one shot from the 270 Winchester inside 300 yards, to the delight of many empty South African stomachs. The meat is both prized and completely utilized for steaks and biltong, as it the hide and the rest of the animal. Hunters preserve both big game animals and natural habitat for generations to come. Without hunting of mature animals, overpopulation, starvation, and being chewed alive by jackal is often the unsavory alternative. Special thanks to Karel of Ke Monati Safaris at http://kemonatisafaris.co.za/ . If you look closely at the slow-motion portion of the video, you'll be able to see the bullet strike.

The 130 grain Hornady InterBond passed completely through old Blue with ease, leaving behind a generous wound track with impressive tissue disruption. Here is basic info on the Blue Wildebeest, courtesy of "African HUNTER."

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